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In Brief

IN FRENCH : www.cegil.com
CEGIL was founded in 1968
, a family and local agency in the heart of the Parisian latin quarters. CEGIL teams up experienced real estate agents and appraisers -Ms Biard is graduated from the Sorbonne University Real Estate Master- and has an extensive network of reliable professionals in real estate and related fields in Paris and countryside alike. Services are also provided in English, and in other languages on demand.


Вы живете за рубежом и хотят помогать?
У вас есть вопросы и слишком много возможных собеседников?
Мы разработали
один стоп недвижимости :

Единую точку контакта для всех ваших вопросов недвижимости и nll сопровождать вас любой подход во Франции и за рубежом.


Paris & South of France

Our headquarters are in Paris, but we are also present in the south of France, Toulouse wherefrom we take care of local properties for our clients.
Toulouse is a booming city, thanks to the aerospace industry, and Carcassonne -famous for its history and cultural life- has direct flights to London. 
​The greater region is full of locations that excell in beauty and cultural heritage along with great food and wines. The Catalogne country is also a place to see, with a long history of art and sports: Rugby is at the heart of every French southerner's spirit.


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